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"Her playing is spectacular, poetic and so inspiring."

- Le Jeudi, Luxembourg


“Her playing is spectacular, poetic and so inspiring. Under her hands, Chopin, Prokofieff or Liszt belong to another dimension”.

Le Jeudi – Weekly Newspaper from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg –

“Wonderful command of the instrument”

Joseph Silverstein, Music Director – Emeritus-Utah Symphony

“The program’s centerpiece was a bravura performance in Liszt’s Piano Concerto No.1 attacked with confidence and flair. Her strength in the splashy chords and sparkling runs of the first movement was matched in a thoughtful nicely controlled slow movement that alternated episodes of shade and sunlight”.

The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah – Catherine Reese

“The growing responsiveness between soloist and orchestra was most evident in an exuberant finale that brought the audience to its feet. She has a remarkable technique and, more important, a genuine musical feeling”.

Cyprien Katsaris, Pianist

“….it’s unusual for an Indian-American to master piano. Mira Armij Gill… gave a superb piano concert at the Consulate of India in New York last month and won the hearts of Indian-Americans’.”

The Urban Indian North American Edition – Dr. Prakaash M. Swami, Editor-in-Chief

“She may look small but the music stands tall… with the orchestra’s power she brings a shower of sparks and applause…”

Deseret News, Utah – William D. Goodfellow

“In Beethoven’s Opus 57 Sonata, her certain grasp of the composer’s subtle rhythmic and dynamic shifts coupled with her effortless technique lent a startling freshness to her interpretation; the relaxed breathing of the long under-phrases in the finale was memorable… in Chopin’s B-flat Minor Nocturne sounding like a spontaneous creation, a poem directed at her listeners… in the slow movement of Prokofieff’s 6th Sonata riding wave upon wave of lovely voicing…”

Summerkeys Concert Series (Lubec, Maine) – Bruce Potterton, Director